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Organic SEO is great for long-term results, but Pay-Per-Click is a great way for you to see results fast.

What are Google Ads?

Alchemus Digital provides expert Louisville Google ads and PPC management services. Google Ads, which was formerly know as Google Adwords, is the most popular pay-per-click, or PPC advertising platform. According to Oberlo, Google controls almost 92% of the search engine market. With 3.5 billion searches a day, you should take advantage of the Google Adwords platform. Google Adwords is a model in which users bid for keywords, and then pay for each click on their advertisement. For example, if you are a roofing contractor in Louisville, Kentucky you may bid on the keyword “roofing contractor near me.” As a business, PPC can be one of the most effective way to make an immediate impact on your business. Our PPC experts will work with you to create an advertising campaign that is right for you.

Let Us Totally Handle Your Pay Per Click Advertising

We can create a pay-per-click strategy that will have a high impact on your business, with whatever budget you have for paid search. PPC is a way of buying visits to your website, instead of organically driving traffic to your site. Research has found that when searching for a product or service, they click on paid search ads more than any other form of digital advertising. Having an effective pay-per-click (PPC) campaign can put you on the first page of the search engine. We actively monitor your pay-per-click campaign and measure your ROI. It is painful for us to see wasted PPC services that are not successful for a business, so it is our prerogative to promote your business with the best pay-per-click services. Our Louisville Google ads management and digital marketing team is here to help your business, one click at a time.  Many companies have found success in their digital marketing by using a combination of organic SEO and PPC to grow their business.

We'll fix your existing campaign or start a new one.

By optimizing existing campaigns, your business will see better results which will lead leads, engagement, and sales.

Eliminate the waste.

If a business has poorly optimized content and keywords, it needs to be fixed. By removing this content and those keywords as well as removing bad campaigns and replacing them with content that works, you are removing dead weight that could be affecting your traffic and sales. 

Drive leads and increase rank.

Using keywords is the best way to target customers in PPC. The keywords are typed into the search bar on Google and then the pages are displayed, based on the ranks on these search engines. Consumers enjoy these paid campaigns as they make it easier to find exactly what they are looking for based on targeted keywords. Contact our experienced Louisville Google ads and PPC management team today!

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