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As a leading Louisville digital marketing company, Alchemus Digital helps businesses across the country improve their online presence using the latest digital marketing practices.

Hi, I'm Lance Kohler, Founder of Alchemus Digital

As founder/owner of Alchemus Digital, a Louisville digital marketing company, I have passion for my work – and it takes a lot of work! I’ve been in sales for over 20 years and 13 years of that was in straight commission, where if you don’t hustle, you don’t get paid. With a family depending on me, I had to be willing to put in the effort to be successful.

Perhaps my greatest skill is knowing what doesn’t work. I’ve been there too. I’ve made the mistakes you are making right now, and I’ve learned from them.

So let my passion for excellence work for you, and let my knowledge help focus our collective efforts to move your online business to a special place in this crazy competitive realm of digital marketing.

Here’s what Alchemus Digital can do for you​

“Is Pepsi OK?” Everyone who has ever ordered Coca-Cola at a restaurant that carries Pepsi products knows the difference between the world’s two largest beverage producers. That’s brand awareness. We can create it, enhance it or accelerate it for your brand through our full stack of services

A clever, graphically chic website is worthless without traffic. Our Louisville SEO, website design, and PPC company can get you more clicks, convince visitors to stay longer, and increase overall engagement. It takes more than just slapping key words across the page to get real results. You need SEO content that works. You need SEO content that consistently scores well on Google and adapts to the ever-changing criteria that Google relies on for ranking.

Whether it’s fair or not, your business will be judged by the aesthetics of your website. Bland “it is what it is” minimalism doesn’t cut it anymore. (It really never did.) You need sparkle and pop. We can help design an interface that is both visually appealing and functional.

We can help get your websites on the right lists, the right directories, the right online gathering places and the right platforms for your product or service.

Let's Craft Your Digital Strategy

Determining the right digital marketing strategy is challenging, and what worked last week might not work this week. Your business needs an experienced Louisville digital marketing company to not only help you craft the right strategy, but to create a steady stream of new customers as a result of your online efforts.

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